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Buying a home has always been a tricky and complicated process, especially if you have never done it before. Home buying has only gotten harder in recent months as the world deals with the coronavirus pandemic. Getting a good look at a new house can be pretty tricky when you are not supposed to leave your home. Luckily, realtors are starting to use technology to their advantage. These are the four virtual tools you can use to help aid the home buying process.

Virtual Home Tour

Since you physically cannot visit the home, then you can always have someone else provide a virtual tour. This primarily involves a realtor or the current homeowner walking around the house while connected to a video call. You will be able to see close details of every inch of the house. This video tour will also give you a chance to ask any questions about what you see.

Use Online Realtor

If someone is not available to provide a video tour, you will need to rely on pictures to make your home purchase. Detailed pictures of hundreds of houses in the area should be available to see through an online realtor. These online listings have always featured excellent descriptions and beautiful photos, but they are becoming much more detailed. Everyone selling a home knows their online listing needs to be perfect if they want to entice a buyer in these tough times.

Overhead Drone Tours

Using drones is an excellent option for a good look at the neighborhood and outdoor space of a new home. This is not a sensible option for every home purchase. It is only worth getting a drone if you are planning on spending a lot of money on your next home. The expense is not worth it when shopping for a small starter house.

Sign Documents Electronically

Technology has made it possible to complete a home sale without even having to go outside. Every important document from the home buying process can be signed with an electronic signature. This includes everything from the first formal offer to the final closing contract. The days of visiting a realtor to sign a bunch of papers are officially over.