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Zvi Feiner

President &  CEO of Gefen Investments

About Zvi Feiner

An accomplished investment executive, Zvi Feiner draws upon more than two decades of experience to his leadership roles in the health care and real estate industries. Previously, he has led as CEO of FNR Healthcare Group, a Skokie, Illinois-based company concentrated on the skilled nursing facility (SNF) sector. In this position, Zvi Feiner manages a portfolio of regional SNF properties with a focus on growth and profit for its investors.

In addition to his work with FNR Healthcare Group, Zvi Feiner previously worked as President, CEO, and founder of Feiner Investment Corporation, a real estate investment firm that specializes in the commercial real estate market, and as principal of Wi-Fi Investments, a real estate investment company through which he built a portfolio valued at more than $80 million. Previously, he held leadership roles such as Director of Finance of Orchard Court Partnership Healthcare and Director of Acquisitions for Plaza Associates in New York.

Mr. Feiner holds a bachelor’s degree from Touro College and an MBA from the Chicago School of Real Estate at Roosevelt University. He currently works as the President of Gefen Investments, a company which represents a national group of investors seeking quality real estate assets in select markets.