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The current landscape of commercial real estate is defined by a handful of key technologies. The first of these is the cloud, the second is mobility, and the third is digitalization. As the use of technology by real estate agents and firms continues to evolve, the need for experienced developers, companies, and investors in the field will only intensify. Here are 4 ways technology will impact the future of commercial real estate:

Technology Will Make Commercial Real Estate More Competitive

We’ve all become accustomed to the idea that technology has made it easier to do business, and with that has come more opportunities. In actuality, the opposite is true; today, there’s more competition than ever and more ways to make money with technology. In fact, by 2021 there will be more than 600 billion worth of annual eCommerce sales taking place in the retail sector.

Technology Will Create a More Secure and Optimal Investment Environment

New technologies have provided businesses and individuals with more opportunities, as we’ve witnessed the evolution of tech-savvy real estate entrepreneurs who’ve been able to leverage innovation to profit from commercial real estate more efficiently and securely. Specifically, blockchain encryption is expected to play a major role in securing commercial real estate transactions in the future.

Technology Will Make Commercial Real More Sustainable

As the overall complexity and potential environmental impact of commercial construction increases, we’ll need a wider range of technologies to make commercial real estate more sustainable. With an increased focus on sustainability and the need for eco-friendly solutions, industry leaders are exploring a wide range of new business models, technologies and services.

Technology Will Enhance the Performance of Commercial Real Estate Firms

The management and sale of commercial real estate typically will involve the use of technologies that can augment and refine the performance of any professional or corporate team. These technologies will optimize the use of physical space, enhance IT capabilities, strengthen financial institutions, reinforce regulatory environments, and create more favorable economic conditions for commercial real estate investors.

Automating Processes and Improving Our Imaginations as Investors

Technology will have a profound impact on the future of commercial real estate because it streamline the financial system and help investors benefit from the traditional land ownership model in a more automated and seamless manner.