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One of the greatest things about America is being able to visit different parts of the country and see the way that regional cultures have had a direct influence on everything including architecture. While housing styles can vary state to state, we’re going to look at different housing styles on a more regional basis.


The overall consistent climate of the western portion of the United States helps in bringing more uniformity to the housing styles. Greatly influenced by Italian and Spanish designs, many homes (especially on the coast and in the south west) have a Mediterranean feel. While California and Hawaii properties may implement some modern flares in their design, the presence of plastered walls and tile roofs remain prevalent. Ranch/Rambler style architecture is also present, but that seems to appear more in Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.


The presence of Ranch/Rambler style architecture spills from the western portion to the midwestern region of the US pretty often. With a heavy focus on stone and wood, places like Ohio and Michigan use craftsman style materials, all while remaining true to ranch style homes. There is also a growing number of farmhouse style homes found in the midwest, displaying straight, simplistic lines, large porches, and narrow windows. These seem to be more prevalent in the southern portion of the midwest.


Speaking of the southern portion, the south has its own wide variety of housing styles. Many homes are still similar to the way that they were laid out centuries ago with cathedral style ceilings and large columns on the wrap-around porches. As many of the early Americans in the 17th and 18th centuries came from Europe settled in the southeastern area, there’s plenty of European style architecture and design that is still apparent today.


The last stop on our regional housing style tour is in the northeast. 18th century colonists who settled the area immediately made an impact on housing styles that is still evident. These shuttered windows, large porches, and wood accents give a comfort of home with a clear nod back to European style design.

Every part of the country offers something different in typical home design, but each of them are beautiful in their own way.