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As the decade comes to a close, certain home decor trends are starting to look dated. Though these trends were very popular for years, overuse means that many people are starting to get tired of them. Homeowners looking to keep their home trendy for as long as possible should avoid heavily investing in these trends.

Grey and White Color Palettes

This color palette might be versatile, but many people are starting to get bored of neutrals. Many realtors report that they are noticing buyers no longer want all-grey homes. Instead, trends are shifting towards warmer neutrals and more vibrant color schemes.

Brass and Rose Gold Fixtures

Shiny, warm colored metals are no longer the trendiest choice for fixtures like knobs, lights, handles, faucets, and hinges. Gold and rose gold are definitely a very showy look, so it is no surprise that this trend is on its way out. More subtle finishes like brushed nickel are a safer choice for those who are worried about their kitchen looking dated in a few years.

Industrial Decor

Designer Anne Hepfer predicts that the industrial look, with its exposed brick, metal piping, and Edison bulbs is on its way out. More people are looking for a welcoming and cozy vibe, so heavily industrial looks are no longer trending for homes. Unless one actually lives in a refurbished warehouse, this trend is on its way out.

Open Floor Plans

The open floor plan was the dominant home layout for decades, but it seems that this trend is finally starting to burn out. Many homeowners are starting to look for more compartmentalized houses because clearly defined rooms can help cut back on clutter and keep smaller homes organized. Most people still want a large living room, but there is less of an interest in having a kitchen that is open concept.

Accent Walls

Those looking to spice up their decor may want to think twice before painting or wallpapering a single accent wall. This trend is on its way out because it can make rooms look a little off balance. A more unified way of adding colorful accents lately is the trend for patterned tile, colored trim, or colorful doorways.